Infinity Link


Telos Infinity Link - allows Infinity systems in remote locations to connect by using embedded, versatile, speech-optimized OPUS codecs to convert WAN-side VoIP (including the Internet) to LAN-side Livewire+ AES67.

Telos Infinity Link - is available in the form of software licenses that can be added to any host Infinity Panel or Beltpack hardware, or by way of a dedicated higher-density 1RU hardware gateway.

Infinity Link for Panels - is available for Infinity Intercom Master Panel, Infinity Expansion Panel, and Infinity Desktop Panel by way of either the Link 4 or Link 8 options, offering four or eight bi-directional codecs respectively.

Infinity Link for Beltpack - adds two bi-directional codecs via the Link 2 option.

Infinity Link Gateway - supports either eight or sixteen bi-directional codecs running on a dedicated 1RU hardware platform, making it ideal for higher-density applications. Infinity Link Gateway features dual redundant internal power supplies and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Once connected, the resulting Livewire+ AES67 streams from the remote locations appear as sources and destinations within the Telos Infinity Dashboard software and behave just like local networked audio sources, providing the ultimate in flexibility.