Comprehensive prize management

Bionic Contest is a comprehensive web-based competition workflow management tool which seamlessly operates as part of the Bionic Studio. Bionic Contest enables you to schedule competitions, allocate prizes to competitions, assign and schedule "read-outs" and "liners", award prizes and despatch & track them accordingly.     

Prizes can be awarded either via the Bionic Studio interface as part of your studio workflow or directly within the Bionic Contest interface. No longer do you need to rely on spreadsheets and pieces of paper to manage your competitions when you can utilise a fully integrated approach.


Organise competitions for your station  with varying mechanisms for all shows and allocate prizes accordingly from you fully managed stock of assets.


Schedule "liners" and "read-outs" as part of your competition workflow, ensuring you fulfill the requirements of your promotional partners. 


Award prizes to winners as part of your studio workflow and manage their fulfillment all the way to tracking their delivery.