Pathfinder Core Pro


Experience the Power of Simplicity Introducing the second-generation of Axia Pathfinder, the Pathfinder Core PRO Advanced Routing Control Appliance. Never before has routing control been this simple...or this sophisticated. Axia has taken everything we’ve learned over the last 10 years since we launched the Pathfinder family of routing control software and ported that experience into a completely new product, designed from the ground up to provide pro-grade routing control that is shockingly simple to use, taking routing control and facility management to a new level. Pathfinder Core PRO is a toolbox with numerous features and uses that combine to create more efficient workflows and facility management. For one, it centralizes your Axia devices, letting you make route changes from one central place—the Pathfinder Core PRO web interface. Pathfinder Core PRO simplifies routing in complex facilities with hundreds of sources and hundreds of audio destinations by giving the user easier, more intuitive control over audio workflows. This second-generation of Pathfinder routing control lets you customize and command your entire Axia network like never before with streamlined functionality including Logic Flows—a new flow-chart-style events system that makes events easier to create, adjust, and monitor in real time. An efficient, intuitive web interface means easy configuration and monitoring from any device. Finally, this Linux-based appliance makes better use of the processor, while freeing you from a Windows-based server.


eliable, redundant, system-wide routing control
PC-platform independent; you can use almost any device to interface
Linux-based network-attached appliance with a web user interface provides route control and customized logic events
Graphical interface with real-time state reporting
New logic gates for creation of complex logic
Control protocol for third-party integration, including Device Emulators
Improved Memory Slot functionality, making this feature more powerful than ever
Automatic router table generation
Fan-free for cool, silent in-studio deployment
Equipped with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and dual-redundant internal power supplies
Virtual routing
Customizable user panels
Includes 500 crosspoint and 500 Logic Flow endpoints
Add-on licenses for additional 500 crosspoints or 500 Logic Flow endpoints available