Gets your job done. When challenging situations have to be tackled, and your work is the centre of attention, Lawo's MC266 provides the ideal solution - because it is, above all, a tool completely tailored to the needs of the user. The MC266 not only impresses with the highest standards of performance where speed, flexibility, and security are concerned, but also with its groundbreaking user-assistance, which makes the MC266 a reference point around the world.


The MC266 highlights

The MC266 is a highly professional tool which reliably supports you with all tasks. 888 DSP channels and 144 summing busses guarantee maximum power, while top quality signal processing ensures maximum precision. And what if speed is required? Then the MC266 convinces with its operation philosophy "assign at destination" which allows fast and secure interference also in critical live situations.

The redundantly designable MKII Router with 8192 crosspoints provides, with its fully integrated control system for the operation, a highest possible level of reliability.

Integrated Loudness metering 
Following an agreement on loudness standards, the 'Loudness War' has been brought to an end. And Lawo is already on the case to implement these standards: all MC2 consoles can boast integrated loudness metering, complying fully with the EBU/R128 and ATSC/A85 requirements - a world's first from Lawo. For detailed information please.