Shareable Radio

Stream and share Visualised Radio

Built by radio people, for radio people Bionic Director transforms radio content into a rich visual experience, without additional staff, complexity or disruption to your workflow. 

Bionic Director combines intelligent camera switching with automated graphics generation based on social media, RSS feeds, images, album art and videos.  Making your best radio content radio shareable and discoverable across multiple-platforms. 

Whether you are looking for shareable content for Facebook and Twitter posts, a live video stream or Youtube highlights Bionic Director automatically covers every angle.

Bionic Director quickly and easily gets your best content onto every platform, enabling your audience to share their favourite moments across social media.

The quality of content generated by Bionic Director on our talk brand RadioLIVE has been used numerous times on our 6pm TV News Broadcast (content fit for TV) & all stations continue to boost their digital footprint with entertaining & easily shareable gold.

Mike Heard, Solution Architect, Mediaworks NZ

Intelligent Camera 

Bionic Director employs an intelligent algorithm so the cameras always naturally follow the conversation. 


Stunning graphics created automatically from social media messages, Album Art, and RSS feeds for news, travel and weather.

Social media
Streaming & Sharing

Bionic Director records and edits for rapid sharing of video clips on social media, as well as effortless live streaming to Youtube Live, Facebook Live and Periscope. 

Enhanced camera switching

Allowing more flexibility over the camera shots for each position... you can configure multiple angles per microphone and multiple microphones per camera

Dynamic Data Driven graphics

ConTEXT feeds Bionic Director with multiple internal and external data sources, from both within and outside the Bionic Studio environment, to dynamically generate contextually relevant graphics and enhance the video output from your station