Stirlitz Media

Stirlitz Media solutions are used by broadcasters, media authorities, media monitoring companies, press agencies, meeting and convention centres, judicial institutions and any other organization that want to;

  • record audio and video
  • combine that with multiple layers of metadata
  • give selected users access through LAN and Internet
  • give the audience direct access to your archives

The multiple layers of searchable metadata enhance the value and usability of the recorded media. Application possibilities are endless. Content and compliance monitoring solutions, including audio and video ?ngerprinting, product placement tracking in video and product endorsement and key-word tracking in audio is also available.

Stirlitz Media Software explained in 3 minute demos

  • SML Player – the main features of the most user-friendly player.
  • Monitor on your competition – how Inspector shows you the adverts that started running yesterday elsewhere
  • Archive Streamer – fully automated, passive streaming of your archives to website and mobile apps


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We use SML in all our 12 markets. It is a secure and stable logger with a very intuitive player interface that does not require any technical or software skills. It is the perfect solution for continuous logging, while having all audio immediately available anywhere for production, Podcasting and verification
Sérgio Rodriguez, MCR, Portugal