Introducing PhoneBOX VX

PhoneBOX VX builds on the global experience and award winning design of the PhoneBOX family of talkshow software. It seamlessly integrates with the incredible new Telos VX engine and handsets to answer, screen and route calls faster and better than ever before. The intuitive PhoneBOX VX user interface keeps you informed at a glance and in control with a single touch.

PhoneBOX VX constantly captures useful and important data so you can manage even the most complex contests and talkshows effortlessly.

More than just a phone management tool, PhoneBOX VX enables you to integrate callers, emails, SMS, codecs and contest management. It combines the strength of a hardware call routing engine with a brilliantly engineered software interface with an incredibly rich feature set.

PhoneBOX redefines the connection between you and your audience both technically and creatively.

PhoneBOX VX records every call and provides a split track editor for rapid production of recorded segments. It even acts as a VoIP phone so you can screen calls directly from your PC.

PhoneBOX VX makes sure you only ever get the very best callers on-air and powered by the Telos VX they will all sound fantastic. Whatever your music format, talkshow topic or contest question PhoneBOX VX is the perfect answer.

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The pairing of PhoneBOX software with Telos VX is pure genius. It has greatly streamlined production of our talk programming. The best part is, when it comes to the people who use it on a daily basis, the producers and hosts, they really like it. That makes my job just that much easier
Joe Mauk, Director of Engineering, Peak Broadcasting, Fresno, USA

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VX ticks all the integration boxes and did away with all our old hybrids. PhoneboxVX has revolutionized our studios by providing all the features we could ever want, and more! Do our announcers love it? YES. Does our IT department love it? YES?
Jarrod Graetz, Station Manager, 89.9 Light FM, Melbourne