WideOrbit Radio Automation

WideOrbit Radio Automation is the industry’s latest Radio Automation System which revolutionises the look and feel of playout software.

  • Drive efficiency with the latest radio automation capabilities, including instant availability, podcasting, and HD radio support
  • Position for tomorrow with an automation system architected for the needs of today and the future
  • Streamline processes with an automation system that is customisable to meet the specific need of your station(s)
  • Optimise operations with seamless integration between automation and your traffic system

WO Automation for Radio is:

  • Expandable – Experience power and efficiencies never before possible with the most expandable automation system in the industry. Third-party widgets and an API, allow you to easily integrate products that you use every day into your automation system
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use – Built from the ground up to be easy to learn, easy to use and flexible
  • Complete Solution for Radio – With seamless integrations between WO Automation for Radio and WO Traffic, WideOrbit offers the most complete, state-of-the-art, business solution for Radio broadcasters – including sales, traffic, billing and automation.
  • Scalable – A scalable solution that fits everyone from the smallest local broadcaster to the largest network

On-air Operation:

  • Streamline automation processes with an innovative on-air screen that is designed to put all the tools you need at your fingertips
  • Simplify workflow with the ability to quickly and easily tailor powerful automation functionality to your unique needs
  • Drive freedom and flexibility with simple, easy local and remote voice tracking


  • Easily customise your workspace to include all of the tools you need to do your job
  • Minimise lost revenue by preventing EAS broadcasts from interrupting commercials with Sage Endec widget
  • Better manage music by suggesting replacement songs that follow your programming rules with the MusicMaster widget
  • Directly integrate your telephone system to your automation system with the Phone Box widget
  • Extend Axia’s VMix functionality to your automation system with the Axia widget
  • Use From Anywhere
  • Manage your automation system from anywhere with our unique web-based configuration capabilities
  • Flexibly manage your playlists with the ability to create and edit from anywhere
  • Easily track operations with Web-based reports that show system status from anywhere
  • Protect against unauthorized system access with full security
  • Drive freedom and flexibility with the ability to record voice tracks from anywhere with the Remote Voice Track

Every aspect of WideOrbit's Radio Automation comes from a completely new direction, including the innovative three tier architecture designed to deliver greater flexibility and power. The database tier is built around the industry standard SQL database. WO's service based back-end layer is the brains of the system, while the user interface gives you unprecedented ease of use and flexibility. WO's unique open interface allows other systems to easily exchange data with WideOrbit Automation for Radio, control it or be controlled by it.

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