MusicMaster for Windows isn't just another "canned" music scheduling system. Instead, it is essentially a "Toolbox" full of advanced components that allows us to build a custom music scheduling solution to fit your needs perfectly. Now you can add features you've always wanted, and eliminate fields and rules that you don't need. With the user-defined database, each installation becomes unique. Scaleable Rules™, and Optimum Goal Scheduling™ technology give you a better music mix and flow.

MusicMaster is the fastest-growing system on the market. It is currently generating schedules for radio stations all over the world, as well as music television networks, satellite broadcasters, and cable television channels, Internet streams, syndicated programs, restaurants and nightclubs. MusicMaster automatically generates the best possible mix of music using rules and attributes that you control. Your music is blended to create a mix that never repeats exactly the same way twice. You can automatically generate perfect music schedules for most radio and television automation systems, as well as many popular media players. MusicMaster is flexible enough to handle such a wide variety of scheduling needs because each music database is literally custom built to your exact specifications. Now you can include the information you've always wanted, and eliminate the fields and rules that you never use. Need a place to track your research information for each song? Add whatever fields you require. Need some scheduling tests associated with that information? No problem! With a user-defined database each installation can be truly unique. MusicMaster makes your music sound better through advanced scheduling technology. Our unique Rule Tree™ provides infinitely Scaleable Rules™ that make the old black-and-white; pass-or-fail rules a thing of the past. The best possible song is always selected through the exclusive goal-seeking technology offered by our Optimum Goal Scheduling™ system. Better technology means a better music flow and mix, decreased listener fatigue, and increased ratings. MusicMaster helps increase efficiency and productivity. With better music rotations, you'll spend less time editing music logs, freeing up more time to focus on other aspects of your operation.

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I am working with MusicMaster more than ten years now. Since about three years I use MusicMaster for Windows. It is the most flexible tool I ever saw for music scheduling. The possibility to synchronize all my research data, chart information or any other source of useful data makes it even more powerful for me. We are scheduling a lot of specialty shows which was always a lot of work in the old times, with MM for windows it is a breeze. All my editors enjoy working in the multi-user environment which makes life so much easier and we adore the stability, no crashes no hastle... I have a great job and MusicMaster is my favorite tool to help me.
Matthias Ihiring / Music Director / Radio 7, Ulm Germany