Omnia Voco 8 Mic Processor

Relying on the main audio processor to manage both voice and music often involves compromise. Omnia VOCO®
8 is engineered to individually process and tailor each mic for maximum
impact based upon the characteristics and unique properties of each
speaker's voice. Each of the 8 available mics are networkable throughout
an entire facility.

Quality first

Each of the eight available mic
channels in VOCO 8 offers a studio-grade pre-amp, phantom power, and
controls for phase, pad and gain. The Sound4 processing engine features
an advanced natural-sounding de-esser, a 3-band noise gate with
ultra-fast attack that catches every syllable of even soft-spoken
talent, a 3-band dynamics processor with Sound4’s “HQ192” algorithm, 4
bands of parametric EQ, and a brick wall final limiter.

So many mics, so much talent

Dealing with multiple open microphones
in the studio can be a headache. Every voice requires different
processing and the sound can change as more mics are added. VOCO 8
effectively manages and balances multiple mics and even allows the
primary talent’s mic to remain dominant in the mix with the aptly named
“Dominate It!” feature.

Thoughtful, flexible and convenient

Each announcer can have a dedicated
preset with VOCO 8, and groups of presets can be combined into unique
sessions for easy day-parting either manually or through your automation
system. Since the presets are easily shared, voice talent can sound the
same in any VOCO 8-connected studio.

The ins and outs

Analog input and AES output are
provided for each channel. An AES clock input (DARS) is also included.
VOCO 8 is fully Livewire+ and AES67 compliant.

Taking control

Talent can recall presets or sessions
with a simplified remote interface. Full setup and control is available
in an advanced-level remote interface. Basic configuration and preset
selection is also available via a front panel LCD display.

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