Telos HX6 Six-Line Talkshow System

Meet Hx6, the latest six-line Talkshow system from Telos. Equipped with advanced Telos hybrids and a full suite of audio processing capabilities, including Telos’ renowned Digital Dynamic EQ, Hx6 extracts excellent caller audio from even the most unruly far-end connections.

Hx6 works with POTS or ISDN phone lines, and comes equipped with dual hybrids for high-quality conferencing — the same advanced technology used in the best-selling Telos Hx1 and Hx2 telephone hybrids.

With its huge feature set and superior sound quality, Hx6 gives an instant audio upgrade to broadcasters with phone-centric programming.

Hx6 incorporates two advanced Telos digital hybrids, each with independent AGC, noise gate, and call ducking dynamics, optimized using carefully-tuned DSP algorithms.

Each hybrid also benefits from famous Telos Digital Dynamic EQ (DDEQ), a sophisticated multi-band equalizer that analyzes and adjusts caller audio so that calls sound smooth and consistent every time, whether the far end is calling on POTS, VoIP, a cell-phone — whatever. There’s also special echo cancellation as well as adaptation routines and a subtle, inaudible pitch shifter that reduces the possibility of feedback when calls are taken in open-speaker situations.

Around back, you’ll find I/O and Telco connections. Hx6 works with either analog or digital telephone lines; specify POTS or ISDN when you order. Hx6 connects directly to 6 incoming POTS lines, or 3 ISDN BRI lines (which provide 6 caller channels). Separate analog I/O is provided for each hybrid; AES/EBU is optional. There’s also a Program-On-Hold input, GPIO connections for speaker muting, ring tallies, et cetera,

There’s also an Axia Livewire Ethernet port on the back panel. Through that jack, Hx6 puts audio, hybrid control and mix-minus for all six phone lines onto one single skinny CAT-5 cable. Setup is simple: plug it into your Axia network, do some fast web-based configuration, and your talent can control Hx6 right from your Axia iQ console. The Ethernet jack also provides access for remote call-screening applications that run on your producer’s PC.

Control is provided by the Telos VSet6 six-line phone controller. It connects simply via Ethernet; its large, colorful VGA LCD displays provide intuitive operation and setup, and exclusive animated Status Symbols™ icons give producers and talent line and caller status at a glance. VSet6 makes it easier than ever to run a fast-paced, high-energy talkshow with accuracy and efficiency. Hx6 also integrates with XScreen Lite call screening software from Broadcast Bionics, provided at no cost with every Hx6 system.

Hx6 comes complete with XScreen from Broadcast Bionics. When they asked if they could use these products as a platform for their new XScreen product, it took us about a millisecond to say "yes!" Partly because we believe in open standards and the benefits of partnerships, but also because we think XScreen is very cool. XScreen’s interface gives screeners and hosts tons of information and control using sophisticated visual talkback, including a drag and drop database of all calls for your show as well as a phonebook and visual warnings for persistent or nuisance callers. A fully-functional copy of XScreen Lite is provided to all VX customers, but an upgrade to the full XScreen client software adds even more features, including extended call history, an enhanced phonebook, prize management, powerful GPIO functionality plus more. XScreen, deployed as part of a Livewire network, also enables call recording, editing and console integration directly over the network.


  • Our most advanced digital hybrids, with DSP algorithms optimized for superior performance with today’s wide variety of incoming call types.
  • Telos DDEQ (Digital Dynamic EQ) and adjustable smart-level AGC, which provide spectrally consistent audio from call to call — even on notoriously tough cellular calls.
  • Excellent trans-hybrid loss of >55dB
  • Smooth, proven symmetrical wide-range AGC by the audio processing experts at Omnia Audio.
  • Studio adaptation and a subtle, inaudible pitch shifter that work together to prevent feedback in open-speaker studio environments.
  • A sophisticated caller override that improves performance and allows precision adjustment of the degree to which talent audio “ducks” the caller audio.
  • Beautiful new Telos VSet6 six-line phone controllers with large, colorful VGA LCD displays that provide intuitive operation and setup. Telos-exclusive Status Symbols™ provide producers and talent with animated, high-contrast icons that communicate line and caller status at a glance.
  • Three different Hx6 versions matched to your choice of analog POTS phone lines, ISDN-S (Europe), or ISDN-U (North American) digital phone lines.
  • Caller ID for both analog and digital telephone connections, which is displayed on the VSet6 phoneset and the included XScreen Lite call screening application.
  • Livewire IP-Audio that enables fast, one-cable integration with Axia networks, and provides Axia board operators with seamless, on-console control of multiple lines and hybrids.
  • Choice of standard Analog I/O or optional, extra-cost AES/EBU I/O.
  • Easy setup and configuration via Ethernet using any PC and your favorite Web browser.
  • XScreen Lite call screening software from Broadcast Bionics, provided at no cost with Hx6 systems.