Omnia F/XE

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Omnia F/XE is designed to process audio files for podcasting, internet streaming and other applications. It consists of two main components: (1) FileProcessor, and (2) FolderBot. It offers the following features: FileProcessor accepts one or more audio files and batch processes them. FolderBot watches one or more folders and automatically processes the files as they are added to the folder. Both are able to read PCM WAV files, MPEG Layer-2 and MPEG Layer-3 source files. They apply Omnia processing to improve audio levels, loudness and perceived quality. Can encode the output audio using MP3 or AAC (including HE AAC and HE AAC v2), or save linear PCM WAV audio files. Can read metadata from external files and embed the information as ID3 tags in the output files. Automatically sends the output file to an FTP server. Notifies the user by email if problems are detected during processing.

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