Omnia ONE-AM

Single rack space full-featured mono or stereo AM broadcast audio processor. 24-Bit processing and converters, Wideband AGC followed by a Four-Band AGC and a Four-Band Limiter. Advanced, fully distortion-controlled final Limiter/Clipper. Selectable low-pass filter for maximum legal bandwidth. Adjustable NRSC-compliant pre-emphasis / HF EQ. Adjustable positive peak control. Analog, AES/EBU and Livewire inputs and outputs. External AES/EBU Sync input to synchronize output sample rate to external reference. Full remote control via RJ-45 Ethernet port using built-in web interface. Built-in stereo headphone jack with level control. Dual software banks, updatable with a simple software download. 1RU.

Omnia ONE AM features:

  • Livewire connectivity.
  • Web Browser remote interface.
  • Wideband AGC provides smooth, “hand on the pot” gain riding.
  • Selectable phase rotator.
  • Time-aligned, dynamically flat crossover.
  • Four-Band AGC to add dynamic EQ enhancement for consistency and to build density before the limiter stages.
  • Four-Band peak limiter using feedback limiters for the lower two bands (optimized for bass punch and lower mid-range warmth) and feed-forward limiters for the upper two bands. (optimized for sparkling upper mids and highs)
  • Advanced, fully distortion-controlled pre-emphasized final limiter / clipper.
  • Selectable Low Pass Filters suitable for NRSC, HD AM, or any ITU installation.

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