25 - Seven Program Delay Manager

PDM reinvents the profanity delay with PD-Alert™, our patent pending feature that emails time-stamped audio clips of every dumped event. Experience 25-Seven Systems' legendary audio compression and expansion algorithm, easy web interface configuration and Axia Livewire™ connectivity.

Leave it to 25-Seven Systems to re-invent the profanity delay. Program Delay Manager (PDM) brings the possibilities of the Internet age to “stand-alone box” technology that hasn’t advanced much since the 1980’s. Ease of use, transparent audio quality, and Program Director friendly features converge in PDM to take an old process to a new level.

The Air Check is in the E-mail
Program Directors have more on their plates today than ever before. There’s no way anyone can monitor every broadcast hour of every day, but PDs need to be the first to know what happened when that “dump” button got pressed.

With Program Delay Manager’s patent-pending PD Alert™ feature, a time-stamped audio file gets internally archived and emailed to the PD (or GM, or CE) every time questionable material is “dumped”. For stations serious about protecting their license, PD Alert provides an instant log record establishing your station’s action and intent to keep the airwaves clean.

Analogue / Digital and IP Audio
PDM is the only program delay to provide IP Audio and control over Axia Livewire audio networks. Whether you already have an IP audio system or you want to keep your plant IP-capable, PDM has you covered with future-proof Ethernet connectivity, as well as standard analog and digital inputs and outputs.

Superior audio algorithm quality
25-Seven has a well deserved reputation for offering the industry’s most transparent time compression and expansion algorithms. Your listeners probably won’t appreciate our superior processing, because they won’t perceive it being used!

Superior control
Choices, choices! Easy to use front panel controls, GPIO and web interface each let you:
Build expands audio to build delay
Exit compresses audio to return to real time
Cough reduces delay to quickly exit, sneeze, or talk to the producer
Dump takes objectionable material off the air

You choose how to build / exit a delay
Build a delay through pre-rolling, time expansion, or audio file play out capabilities built right into PDM. Exit a delay through time compression, or use the Cough button to simply wait and exit.

Say goodbye to hieroglyphs. Navigating though “set and forget” parameters is a breeze with our built in web interface. Configuration pages offer obvious control with all your settings on one simple screen, so you don’t waste time squinting at cryptic LEDs, or entering data though an ill-suited LCD interface. Talk to your PDM over your LAN or WAN. What could be easier?

Designed, built and supported in the US
PDM was developed by an award winning, world-class team that has designed many great products for some of the biggest players in the broadcast business. We listen to our customers, and look forward to talking to you. All 25-Seven products are designed and built in the USA.

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