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MOR> - Multi Object Recording

What is "Object-Based Editing"?

Simply put, it's amazing! Edit audio and video from actual text derived from the instant recording. Edit audio by what is spoken instead of a waveform display. Add to this "Multi-Object Recording" wherein you can "unmix" what was done live and re-mix howe...

Created: 02/04/2016 by Duncan Smith

The Bionic Van Diaries - Radio Technology on Tour

11th May to 4th June 2015  -  England, Wales & Scotland
5th to 9th October 2015 -  Ireland...

Created: 05/05/2015 by Duncan Smith

Radio's Social Media: Going Viral

as published by Radio)))ILOVEIT - Thomas Giger


Created: 21/11/2013 by Duncan Smith

Beyond Listeners

as published by TWiRT (this week in Radio Tech) 12/07/2013

Created: 18/07/2013 by Duncan Smith

How the radio studio is getting social

as published by PSNEurope 07/12/2012

Created: 08/11/2012 by Duncan Smith

No one is listening!

Broadcast Bionics’ Dan McQuillin explains radio’s successful role in monetising bandwidth and how radio has to reclaim the studio from the accountants....

Created: 01/11/2012 by Duncan Smith

Cancun reviewed

CANCUN has just been reviewed by key broadcast magazines Radio World and Radio Mag.

The Radio World review can be read here

The Radio Mag review i...

Created: 30/10/2012 by Duncan Smith

8,000th Omnia ONE ships

Popularity of small but mighty processor undiminished 

Back in February of this year, Omnia Audio proudly announced that the 7,000th Omnia ONE had shipped.

Now, just seven months later, they are pleased to announce that the 8,000th Omnia ONE has ...

Created: 21/09/2012 by Duncan Smith

Axia likes Pilsner

Axia Audio hoists a frosty mug to Hitrádio FM PLUS and Hitrádio Dragon, located in Plzen (Pilsen) in the Czech Republic, who have just equipped their studios with Axia iQ networked audio consoles and QOR.32 integrated console engines. The installation included Axia iQ AoIP mixing consoles with ...

Created: 27/08/2012 by Duncan Smith

Livewire & Ravenna

Telos Alliance new RAVENNA Partner....

Created: 16/04/2012 by Duncan Smith